Encon Industrial Gas or Electric Thermal Wastewater Evaporation Systems

ENCON Thermal Evaporation and Distillation Systems are engineered to provide you with the most effective and economical method of industrial wastewater minimization possible.

The ENCON Thermal Industrial Wastewater Evaporation Systems product line ranges in capacity from 8-400 gal/hr. These evaporators are capable of being heated by natural gas, propane, steam, #2 fuel oil, diesel, kerosene, off spec gas, waste oil or electricity. Alloys of construction include: 316L Stainless, 6% Molybdenum Super Stainless, and Hastelloy C to provide appropriate corrosion protection. Standard units exhaust water vapor to atmosphere. The optional condenser captures water vapor as distilled water.

All ENCON systems are assembled with the highest quality components, ensuring years of trouble free operation.

Our unique heat exchanger design on our thermal units provides extremely efficient heat transfer, resulting in reduced fuel costs.

Key to the effectiveness of out ENCON Thermal Evaporators is the Mist Eliminator. This feature captures unwanted contaminants before exhausting, thus enabling you to comply with today’s stringent emissions regulations (evaporation) or to return high quality water to your process (distillation).

The evaporator product line is defined by our feature based nomenclature as referenced in the tables below.

For example, the ENCON model N3Y-60CUL is a Natural Gas, 316SS Wetted Material Construction, Auto-Fill (V1 logic), 60 gallons per hour unit with a condenser and UL control panel. The available models, features and options are detailed below:

Heat Source

  • N – Natural Gas
  • P – Propane
  • O – Oil, Kerosene, Diesel
  • E – Electric
  • S – Steam
  • OSG – Off Spec Gas
  • WO – Waste Oil

Material of Construction

  • 3 – 316L Stainless Steel
  • 6 – 6% Molybdenum (Super Stainless Alloy)
  • 2 – Hastelloy C

Control Logic


V1 – Standard control logic. Auto-Fill, Auto-Dump, Feed Pump, Residue Pump, and Condenser capabilities. On-board level probe diagnostics, touch screen OIT and ethernet port for remote support.

V2 – All the functionality of the standard V1 control logic with the addition of analog output and Auto-Decant capabilities. Standard on all oil and waste oil units.


Electric Evaporator (gal/hr) 8, 15, 24 & 40

Natural Gas, Propane, Oil & Steam Evaporator (gal/hr) 10, 18, 28, 35, 48, 60, 72, 96, 126, 165, 192, 260, & 400

Option Codes

  • A – AutoDump
  • C – Condenser
  • D – Auto-Decant
  • R – Remote Monitoring Panel
  • IR – IRI Gas Train
  • UL – UL Control Panel
  • NOTE: FM Gas Trains are standard on units 96 gal/hr and greater.