Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid

High Solvency Degreaser

The new Tergo™ Metal Cleaning Fluid is an innovative heavy duty degreaser designed to clean the toughest soils while offering companies an improved environmental profile. A quick glance at the details proves:

  • High Solvency Degreaser
  • Serves Double-Duty as a Flux Remover Removes Heavy Grease, Oils and even Ionic Contaminant
  • Low Surface Tension and Low Viscosity Deliver Better Cleaning
  • Based on new HFO Chemistries for a Better Environmental Profile
  • No Chemical Stabilizers or Scavengers; Acid Testing Is Never Required
  • An Azeotrope, for Maximum Stability and Ease of Recycling
  • One of the Strongest Cleaning Fluids on the Market (Highest Kb Value)
  • Compatible with Most Materials of Construction
  • Ideal Replacement for nPB, TCE and AK-225 Formulations
  • Handles a Greater Concentration of Dissolved Water, Without the Need for Alcohol Additives or Desiccants
  • Better Handling of Particulate Contamination
  • Delivers a More Stable, Cost-Effective Cleaning Environment
  • Ideal for Use with Ultrasonics to Overcome Gravitational and Intermolecular Forces which Bind Particulates to Substrates

The product is a nonflammable, thermally- and hydrolytically-stable cleaning fluid engineered for cleaning in vapor degreasers. When used in the toughest applications it will remove harden greases, oils, caramelized flux residues, rosins, fingerprints and ionics. This rugged formula is used in the aerospace, automotive, medical, oil exploration and industrial sectors. The broad range of material compatibility makes Tergo MCF an excellent choice for cleaning the widest variety of metal alloys. It is an excellent replacement for HCFCs, nPB, perc and TCE.