Hermetically Sealed Airless Cleaner

The Solvac V Series has been specifically designed to thoroughly clean your most challenging components.

This revolutionary new system incorporates both vacuum distillation and drying technology. And for enhanced microscopic cleaning of your trickiest components, Ultrasonics can be fitted to the device to provide you with the most thorough cleaning possible.

The advanced PLC control system can facilitate multiple optional cleaning cycles together with the ability to download and record specific cleaning data. 

The system is extremely compact, with a footprint dimension of just 100cm x 100cm x 100cm. 

Typical Applications

  • Rotors
  • Any component that requires internal flushing in difficult-to-reach areas

Solvent Compatibility

The Solvac V has the ability to clean and dry components utilizing both A3 Solvents and Halogenated Solvents including Solstice PF


  • Fully immersed pre-clean with ultrasound
  • Distilled rinse with ultrasound
  • High pressure spray function for rapid evacuation of internal capillaries or oil galleries
  • Heated vacuum drying
  • Compressed air or nitrogen purging