Pressure Blast & Recovery Systems

Abrasive Blast Systems' Mobile Blast & Recovery


MPC Blast System

The ABS MPC Blast System is the engineered solution for those needing versatility & portability without having to sacrifice efficiency or the cost-savings associated with abrasive recycling. The MPC Blast System allows for the continuous blasting of your abrasive media, thus eliminating the time spent waiting for the storage hopper to refill.  It has been engineered to provide the same elite blasting capabilities to those utilizing very fine abrasives, course abrasives, angular abrasives, or shot-peening media.

  • Continuous Blasting Capabilities
  • ASME Coded Pressure Vessels with Sight-Glasses
  • Standard with 20′ Hose System
  • Engineered for Utility Gun & Production Gun Compatibility
  • Controlled-Pressure Dump-Valve (15-80 psi blast pressure)
  • Secondary Cyclone & Cartridge Filter with Reverse-Pulse for High-Efficiency Media Recycling
  • 190 CFM @ 80 psi, 120 VAC Power Supply

Optional Add-On Features:

  • HEPA Filter
  • Wear Packages
  • Automatic Reverse-Pulse System
  • Specialized Feed Valves

Abrasive Blast Systems’ all-in-one sandblasting cabinet systems provide engineered versatility, efficiency, and durability.  ABS’ sandblast cabinet systems include our highly-efficient reclaim and dust-collection system to keep your environment clean and comfortable.

Abrasive Blast Systems, Inc. (ABS) designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of industry-leading pneumatic sandblast equipment for industrial applications and organizations across the globe.
Our equipment includes: sandblast cabinets, other blast cabinets, portable sandblasting equipment, mobile sandblast & recovery equipment, sandblasting rooms, sandblast & recovery equipment, custom sandblasting equipment, automated sandblast equipment, shot peening equipment, slurry blast equipment, etc.

In addition to abrasive blast equipment (sandblast equipment) and shot peening equipment, ABS also provides top-of-the-line environmental equipment, including: dust collectors, dust containment booths (environmental booths), downdraft benches, etc.