Novchem 1025

Halogen Free Solvent

Qualified MIL-PRF-680 Degreasing Solvent Type II

Excellent non-ozone depleting halogen-free Solvent Cleaning Chemical for All Metals & non-Metals. This product is qualified to clean Aircraft engine components and cleaning Small and large weapons systems


NOVCHEM™1025 is an excellent choice for cleaning various automotive and diesel engine new and used components, machined parts of precision instruments , stampings, components of optical and medical devices, various precision tools and molds, plastics, rubber, glass and ceramics.

Soils: Very efficient removed light and heavy oils, greases, waxes, cutting oils, machining and drawing water soluble lubricants, synthetic oils, particulate matter, rust inhibitors, wet paint, carbon deposits and organic environmental contaminants.


NOVCHEM™1025 cavitates very well with ultrasonic waves at different frequencies. Moderate dry times and very low odor.No shipping restrictions


NOVCHEM™1025 is safe on aluminum and alloys, die cast aluminum, magnesium alloys, brass, copper, beryllium copper, carbon steel & stainless steel, other ferrous alloys and nonferrous metals, Titanium and alloys, carbides, glass, plastics, and ceramics, when used as directed.

Physical Data*
Flash Point: 145°F (63° C)
Specific Gravity: 0.79 +/- 0.05 g/cm3 at 20° C
pH: N/A Solubility in Water: negligible

NOVCHEM™1025 is used neat.
Recommended operating temperatures: Follow the equipment manufacturer’s recommendation. See the SDS or contact us.

Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and Local Government rules & regulations.

Safety Precautions
See Material Safety Data Sheet.

Store indoors. Keep containers closed. Avoid Flammable conditions.

NOVCHEM™1025 is available in 55 gallon containers.

*These values do not constitute specifications