Heavy Duty Long Gun & Handgun System
  • Heated tank with cover
  • 1 lube pan 35.5”x6” v-bottom construction with anti-splash dampers cover and rack drip holder
  • 2 heavy duty weapons racks with 5 removable compartments
  • extended drip proof flange with built in rack shelf and carry handles, capped filtration system ports
  • variable power generator with 30min timer
  • Can carry up to 4 long guns or 10 handgun capacity

This is our basic heavy duty lower cost long gun clean/lube system. It can also be set up without the lube accessories as a heated ultrasonic overflow rinse station for getting the parts completely free of cleaning solution residue prior to refinishing.

Electrical requirements: 120V/1PH/23.5AMPS (Two plugs, 1 20AMP and 1 15 AMP)
Rolling cart available.
Overall dimensions: 42”16”
ship weight 375lbs.