Eco-Friendly Bi-Solvent Cleaning System using Environmentally friendly chemicals

Product Description: F-500 Bi-Solvent Cleaning System

The Crest F-500 Bi-Solvent Cleaning System  uses environmentally chemicals with Crest’s ceramically enhanced transducers to produce unrivaled cleaning for your application. It is designed specifically to employ SCAQMD Clean Air Compliant solvents, such as e Chem’s Ultra Clean 9960 (undiluted).

Crest Ultrasonics F-500 Bi-Solvent Cleaning System is ideal for the removal of organic residues like fingerprints, mold releases, waxes and pitches, lubricants, heavy greases, adhesives inks, and other difficult substances…all without the use of ozone depletors,
hazardous air pollutants, or Proposition 65 listed substances.

Product Benefits: F-500 Bi-Solvent Cleaning System
  • Wash and Rinse Tanks Clean with 40,58,132, or 192 kHz Ultrasonics
  • Immersion heating
  • Re-circulation of wash of wash and Rinse Sump with Cartridge Filtration
  • 120% Free board ratio
 Product Safety:
  • Tank over temperature signal with solvent recycle notification
  • Extended Free board Volume
  • lmmersion and boiling tank low level control
  • Vapor level control with reset
Additional Options
  • Desiccant water removal Basket
  • PLC controlled transport system and upper enclosure
  • Automatic downtime cover
  • Load / unload conveyors