Crest Ultrasonic Digital Modular Series-Cleaning System

The Crest Ultrasonic Digital Modular Series offers a precision cleaning system with a modular design that conveniently allows you to add and remove stations as needed to fit your work area and budget. Build a complete system with wash modules, rinse and passivation modules, and hot air dryer and vacuum dry modules.

System Features:
  • Each module is designed with an individual PLC controller and Touch Screen HMI:
      • -Up to 4 individually adjustable recipes with dwell and sonic times
      • -Cycle complete alert buzzer through HMI
      • -Ultrasonic power control and wattage output on HMI Screen
      • -Temperature reading of process area on the front HMI
  • Field add-ons available
  • Standard automation for up to 6 module system; upgraded automation for systems more than 6 modules