Separates Splitting Oils

Magnus Coalescer – Separate Splitting Oils

Extremely Effective

The Coalescer is designed to use the natural specific gravity differences between oil and water, enhanced by the coalescing element, to separate one from the other.

Extend Bath Life…

by keeping cleaning baths from excessive soil overload, the chemical additives are reduced and the overall bath life is extended, resulting in improved cleaning effectiveness. The cleaner bath provides consistently cleaner work loads by removing major contaminants.

Built Strong for Durability

The Coalescer is constructed of 304 stainless steel which will provide a long service life. The coalescing elements are polyproplyene modules which are easily removed for cleaning when necessary. The only moving part in a Coalescer is the pump.

Cost Savings

The Magnus® Coalescer reduces the amount of cleaner required by extending bath life.

Three Standard Sizes

To meet your demands, our coalescer is available in three standard sizes: Miji Coalescer, 5/20 Coalescer, and 10/40 Coalescer.