PF Series Filtration

Closed Loop Liquid Filtration Systems

PF Series Liquid Filtration Systems

The PF-5 and PF-10 are Particulate Filtration Systems capable of filtering fluids at the rate of 5 gpm and 10 gpm respectively

Each system comes equipped with

  • One (1) wye strainer.
  • One (1) centrifugal, mag-drive pump, with:
    • Ryton head and Viton O-ring.
  • TEFC motor.
  • One (1) 10″, 10 micron cartridge filter housed in a stainless steel canister.
  • One (1) analog pressure gauge.
  • 300 series stainless steel plumbing with compression and threaded fittings. Plumbing include manual flow control and isolation valves.
  • Two (2) Teflon lined, stainless steel over braid hoses for connection to the tank
  • Manual motor starter
  • Stainless steel stand.
  • Electrical power supply 120V/60Hz/1 phase.

These systems can be hooked up to existing tanks to help recycle fluid. This helps maintain fluid cleanliness and extends the life of the bath. In addition to reducing detergent consumption, it helps reduce disposal and haul out costs

Crest Ultrasonic Systems can be purchased with the filtration systems installed. Or, these can be ordered as ready for later installation