Closed Loop DI Water Systems

Recycling Deionized Water

Closed Loop Water Recycling Systems
Closed Loop Water Recycling Systems are used for removing organic and inorganic contamination from water through continuous
re circulation. This is accomplished by passing effluent rinse water through carbon beds to remove organics followed by
ion exchange to remove the inorganic impurities.
When used with an ultrasonic cleaning system, spray system or overflow rinse system, the rinse water flows into the
CLWS process sump. The water is then pressurized and sent through the purification system at a controlled flow with
visual monitoring and automatic mechanical controls. Water losses from dragout and evaporation are automatically added
to the system using tap water feed.
Closed Loop Water Treatment Systems are provided ready for interconnection to cleaning and rinse systems. A stainless steel constructed skid is provided along with all controls, pump, plumbing and stainless steel canisters designed for both ion exchange resins and
activated carbon. Canisters are designed for easy maintenance of the exchange resin and carbon. The system has been developed for high temperature rinse water compatibility – 120°F on 3 and 6 GPM systems, and 120°F on 1.5 GPM system

These systems help reduce Di Water costs by continuously recycling the spent DI water through a series of Ion exchange and Carbon beds for removal of heavy metals and Volatile Organic Compounds. This leads to savings in DI costs and enhancing the cleanliness of processed parts

These systems can come already installed on Crest Ultrasonic systems. Or these can be installed on site at a later date