CH Pro Junior

(PJ Series)

Crest Healthcare Pro Junior (PJ) Series Ultrasonic Cleaning System is designed to thoroughly clean (remove tissue, blood and other contaminants) instruments prior to final disinfection and sterilization. The System’s compact design makes it suitable for use in the Central Supply or other instrument preprocessing areas to ultrasonically wash instruments prior to a disinfection and sterilization cycle.

Crest Healthcare PJ Series Ultrasonics Cleaning System is a freestanding instrument cleaner with multiple wash/rinse cycle options supplied in a compact stainless-steel cabinet. The ultrasonic washer contains all needed components to effectively wash (utilizing ultrasonic cavitation in a detergent-balanced wash solution) surgical instruments prior to disinfection and sterilization. The PJ is equipped with an automatic opening lid and load elevator for ergonomic, easy and safe instrument loading, and touchscreen control.


  • Ultrasonic digital generators deliver dual frequencies for optimal cleaning (58/132kHz)
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Locking Caster Wheels
  • Safety Interlocks and Controls
  • Large 17-gallon Capacity Process Tank
  • Illuminated Controls
  • Two Chemical Probes
  • Front and Side Service Access Panels
  • Automatic Lid and E-Z Load Tray Elevator
  • Port Flushing System