Anchor Series Blast Cabinets

The classic, all-in-one, ABS blast cabinet with unrivaled performance & reliability.



Abrasive Blast Systems’ Anchor-Series Blast Cabinets are designed and constructed for power, durability, efficiency, and consistency. These self-contained systems are designed to reduce the footprint and simplify installation without sacrificing production capacity. These cabinets are available in either pressure or suction models, and can utilize a wide variety of abrasive media.

The ABS Anchor Series pneumatic blast and recovery cabinets come standard with a variety of premium features and allow for customization through add-on items and/or packages.

• All-In-One Design
• Available as a Suction or Pressure System
• Durable, 10 & 12 Gauge Construction
• Recycled Abrasive Storage Hopper
• Noise Suppressing Exhaust Silencer
• Engineered 300CFM or 600CFM Abrasive Reclaim & Recycling System
• Large Window for Comfortable Viewing
• Cartridge-Style Dust Collector with Reverse Pulse System and High Static Blower
• Sealed, Gasketed Access Doors and Inspection Points
• Tungsten Carbide Blast Nozzle with Separate Blow-Off Air (3/16” or 1/4” for Pressure Systems, 3/8” for Suction Systems)

• Ergonomic Cabinet Options
• Multiple Part Loading Options
• Automated Nozzle & Part Motion Options
• Various Cabinet Access Door Options
• Tumble Basket Attachment for Small Parts Batching
• Rubber Lined Cabinet & Reclaim for Coarse Abrasives
• Variety of Dust Collector Upgrades & Options
• HEPA Filter• Interior Cabinet Lighting Options
• Hazardous Material Package
• Noise Suppression Package

ABS Suction Cabinets

Anchor SRC cabinets use our siphon-style technology to draw the abrasive to the blast gun from a  non-pressurized media hopper.  The blast gun mixes the abrasive media with compressed air and propels it at the work surface.

Ideal for situations where a less aggressive surface treatment is needed.

ABS Pressure Cabinets

Anchor PRC cabinets use an engineered pressure vessel to store abrasive media.  These systems maintain the same pressure the pressure vessel and the compressed air line. Media is fed into the air stream through the proprietary ABS media dump valve.

Ideal for situations requiring a more aggressive surface treatment.