All Purpose Ultrasonic Cleaning

Crest Ultrasonics introduces the All-Purpose line of industrial cleaning systems designed for a wide range of process cleaning. Manufactured with 40 kHz Ceramically Enhanced Ultrasonic Transducers giving greater ultrasonic cleaning power and in conjunction with Chem-Crest brand of detergents, providing superior cleaning results.

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Product Benefits

  • Ceramically enhanced transducers provide effective ultrasonic cleaning
  • Stainless steel tank with inverted counter flange for spill control
  • Lift off tank covers
  • Mesh basket included
  • Recirculation system with 1-3 gpm pull through filtration at 50 micron
  • Overflow weir with tank bottom pump suction – return through bottom weir length open slot
  • Thermostatic temperature control 0-30 minute timer for Ultrasonics
  • Powder coated tank skirt with removable control panel
  • Powder coated roll around cart with caster

Product Advantages

  • Engineered with high-intensity ultrasonic power in relation to industry standards
  • The pull-through bag filtration and pump eliminates the loss of ultrasonic activity and cavitation while processing
  • Designed with an extended rear counter staging area, inverted flange for prevention of spills, and a powder coated skirt and roll-around cart
  • Easy-to-use controls and plug-in cords