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Product Spotlight: Crest Ultrasonics’ Optimum Console at 10% Discount!

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Dear valued customers,

We at eChem are excited to inform you that Crest has (on a first-come-first serve basis) a brand new, 4-stage, fully automated 1218 Optimum Console system in-stock at 10% off the list price of $94,753!

Crest Ultrasonics’ Optimum Console is a versatile ultrasonic precision cleaning system designed to clean a wide variety of industrial components. Engineered with a compact, space-saving design and rugged stainless steel tubular frame, the Optimum Console is a cost effective solution to industrial cleaning applications. It offers the convenience of an all in one, wash-rinse-dry design with single point facility connections for easy installation and is user-friendly.


  • 40kHz ultrasonic wash tank, heated with filtration
  • 132kHz ultrasonic rinse tank, heated with spray bars
  • Heated final rinse with spray bars, optional 132kHz ultrasonics
  • High temperature recirculating hot air dryer
  • Tanks are 12″ x 18 ” x 12″ (10″ liquid depth)
  • Fully automated transport system with touchscreen display, 25lbs lift capacity

There is only one unit available at the discounted price so contact us today for more information!

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