Metal Prep

eChem offers systems for a variety of metal prep applications. These include:

1 – Passivation: We offer systems that incorporate cleaning/degreasing prior to treating Stainless Steel with Nitric or Citric acid to remove oxides. Where Nitric is required, we offer systems that include scrubbing. Systems can be operated manually or with robotics. Automation is recommended for ones requiring the use of Nitric acid for passivation.

2 – Vibratory Tumbling: We offer several approaches to deburring

  • Centrifugal Disc Machines
  • Linear Flow-Through Machines
  • Vibratory Bowl Machines
  • Vibratory Tub Machines
  • Wheel Finishing Machines
  • Custom Machinery

3 – Powder Blast systems

  • ABS Portable Blast Pots: Portable blast machines for every application including removal of corrosion, maintain outdoor equipment, or surface preparation
  • Anchor Series Blast Cabinets: The classic, all-in-one, ABS blast cabinet with unrivaled performance & reliability.
  • Pressure Blast & Recovery Systems: Abrasive Blast Systems’ Mobile Blast & Recovery

4 – Plating Systems: For any kind of plating application including barrel. Systems can be manual or automated and depending upon the application, include rectifiers, filters, etc.

5 – Pre-paint Iron, Manganese and Zn Phosphate chemicals: that deliver high quality paint adhesion.