With tailor-made system solutions and innovative standard units, Ecoclean provides a variety of Precision Airless/Airtight parts washers or cleaning systems. These airtight or airless cleaning systems deliver precision cleaning in applications that range from machined products such as fasteners to sensitive medical and high tech components. Parts can be metal, ceramic, glass or plastic.

Why Ecoclean Hydrocarbon Meets All Your Requirements:

1. Superior Quality and Consistency

  • Cleaning solution does not degrade
  • Total cleaning of all surfaces due to vacuum process
  • Totally dry parts after cycle is complete due to vacuum drying
  • Up to eight weeks shelf life with-out rust protection coatings
  • Cleaning fluids continually re-generated through distillation process

2. Saves Money

  • No mixing chemicals to purchase
  • No hazardous waste permits for dumping
  • Same cleaning solution cleans all products
  • Minimized energy input due to heat recovery

3. Environmentally Safe

  • Cleaning solution is non-halogenated
  • Cleaning solution re-generates in distillation system
  • Less than one (1) lb of VOC emissions a day
  • Sound levels less than 78 dBA
  • Fluids flow through totally enclosed system

4. Self-Contained

  • Total system under vacuum
  • Machine fabricated on stainless steel floor pan
  • Control panel attached to main base frame
  • Parts cleaned & dried in sealed chamber
  • No operator contact with fluids during fill and drain

5. Simple to Operate and Maintain

  • Totally re-programmable PC System with 8 adjustable programs
  • One load/unload point, automatic or manual
  • Error diagnostics on operator control panel
  • Bulk load baskets automatically clamped shut
  • Large opening enclosure doors for inspection

6. Simple to Install

  • Only electric and compressed air drops required
  • Small fork truck can move machine to position
  • No floor drains or foundations required
  • No exhaust stack through roof required
  • Small exterior size to fit in all facility freight doors