Miji Lif Sr. Classic

Pneumatic Driven Agitation

The MIJI LIF Sr. Classic is the latest design of the original pneumatic driven platform agitation parts washer. It is ideal for use in many industries including transportation, metalworking, printing, and reconditioning.

Modular by Design – the modular MIJI LIF Sr. Classic can be arranged to meet most cleaning applications as a stand alone or multi-stage with manual load transfer.

Powerful Cleaning Capabilities – particulate filtration, oil removal, ultrasonics, and high volume liquid sparging options are available to enhance the time-tested and proven platform agitation.

Thorough Cleaning – reaches difficult interior areas of parts by liquid sheer forces via the vigorous agitation.

Control Locations – controls are mounted on right side of machine unless otherwise specified.

Load Capacity – generous 125 lb. load capacity.

mijilifsrclassic2 miji-lif-sr-classic-2