Miji Lif 24

Pneumatic Agitation Parts Washer


Miji Lif 24

Pneumatic Agitation-Immersion Parts Washer

Category: Magnus Agitation/Immersion Parts Washer

The Magnus MIJI LIF 24 parts washer is the latest design of the original pneumatic driven platform agitation parts washer.

Modular by Design – The modular Miji Lif 24 can be arranged to meet most cleaning applications as a stand alone, multi-stage with manual or automatic load transfer.

Powerful Cleaning Capabilities – rotation, particulate filtration, oil removal, ultrasonics, and high volume liquid sparging options are available to enhance the time-tested and proven platform agitation.

Thorough Cleaning – reaches difficult interior areas of parts by liquid sheer forces via vigorous agitation.

Electric Agitation Control – short and long strokes adjustable between 2″ – 18″.

Sloped Bottom – sloped bottom allows easy cleanout of the tank.

Load Capacity – available in 150 lb. or 450 lb. load capability.

Available in Six Standard Sizes – 150 lbs.: ML 24 1X, ML 24 1.5X, ML 24 2X; 450 lbs: MAL 24 1X, MAL 24 1.5X, MAL 24 2X