Magna Lif MALH

Parts Cleaners

Modular by Design —The modular Magna Lif MALH can be arranged to meet most cleaning applications as a stand alone, multi-stage with manual or automatic load transfer.

Powerful Cleaning Capabilities — Rotation, particulate filtration, oil removal, ultrasonics, and high volume liquid sparging options are available to enhance the time-tested and proven platform agitation.

Thorough Cleaning — Reaches difficult interior areas of parts by liquid sheer forces via the vigorous agitation.

Electric Agitation Control — Short, medium, and long strokes adjustable between 2” – 26”.

Sloped Bottom — Sloped bottom allows easy clean out of the tank.

Virtually Trouble Free — The outboard-mounted, cantilevered agitation platform eliminates the need for internal guide members and rollers. This allows for better and easier maintenance, cleaner components and longer life.

Load Capacity — Generous 1000 lb. load capacity.

Available in Four Platform Sizes


magna-lif-2 magna-lif-3