Automation in parts washing in Crest Ultrasonic Consoles

Crest Ultrasonics Rigibot™ Automation Systems can reduce or eliminate the need for operator handling, providing a safer work environment. Automation also improves process consistency and efficiency.

Crest’s automation systems set the standard for performance in its category. Upgrades such as the highest load capacity in the industry, increased processing speed, smaller footprint and several new control options make the CTS automation systemthe most versatile automation system available. The control systems are operator friendly and allow full, protected control of the process and system parameters and the optional Data Acquisition Package allows you to stay in control of your process. The CTS employs Crest’s unique,
yet simple safety features that eliminate costly crashes and minimize downtime. The CTS can be field retrofitted to any existing system with very little downtime and disruption and its robust design will provide years of trouble-free operation.

Features and Benefits of Crest Automation

  • Crash Protection
  • Field Install-able
  • PLC Controlled
  • Graphical Color Touch Screen Interface

PLC controlled two-axis Automation system with user-friendly graphical color touch screen operator interface can be field-mounted to existing cleaning benches or supplied with new systems. The PLC controls all process parameters and functions, tracks work through multiple process programs and can provide critical process data for offline analysis.

The CTS-250 has a 25lb. lifting capacity and is clean room compatible. The CTS-2000 has a 2000lb. lifting capacity.

Clean room compatible belt drive and precision bearings.

Counter-top mounted, small footprint.