Chem-Crest 905-Aqueous displacement cleaning detergent. Multi-metal safe for use on Aluminum and Ferrous metals
Chem-Crest ADS 905 is an aqueous displacement solution capable of displacing and dispersing various hydrophobic films produced by oils, organic solvents or lubricants on its own, or where a non-halogenated solvent is used first to remove heavy contaminants (Dual Process,  patented). It is capable of producing hydrophilic surfaces upon rinsing with water, is free rinsing, and also removes various machining oil  residues, fingerprints and particulates. Chem-Crest 905 is often combined with Chem-Crest 715 to increase detergency for highly  contaminated substrates.
Substrate Compatibility
Chem-Crest ADS 905 is compatible with various plastics and metallic surfaces such as stainless  steel, aluminum and brass, when used as directed
Operating Conditions
Chem-Crest ADS 905 is typically used at 4-8% by volume. Typical operating temperatures: 120°-150° F. Chem-Crest ADS 905 is easy to rinse  and leaves no residues when ultrasonically rinsed with deionized water. The ultrasonic frequency in the rinses is recommended to be 40 kHz or 132kHz., dependent on the material makeup of the substrate, and the contaminants being removed.