Chem Crest 2000 X Non-ionic ultrasonic cleaner
Chem-Crest 2000X is a non-ionic ultra-sonic cleaner. It is capable of removing and dispersing various lubricants, lap-ping compounds, various machining residues, fingerprints and particulates;typical contaminants of the disk drive. It
is free rinsing and biodegradable
Chem-Crest 2000X is compatible withthe HGA’s or the HSA’s in general and is compatible with other metallic and plastic components of disk drives such as the sliders, coils, flexture cables, disk spacer,bulkhead connector header, magplate,motor nut, baseplate, cover, screws, O-ring, latch bracket etc.
Chem-Crest 2000X is used at typical dilutions of 2-4% by volume.Concentration may be varied based onthe type and age of the contaminants.Typical operating temperature is in the range of 50 ̊C-65 ̊C. Chem-Crest 2000Xis easy to rinse and leaves no residues when ultrasonically rinsed with de-ionized water. The ultrasonic frequency in the rinse is recommended to be 68 kHz,132 kHz or higher