Aja Lif Parts Washer


Aja Lif Heavy Duty Agitation an Immersion Washing and Processing

The Magnus AJA LIF is a heavy duty, low maintenance immersion washing and processing machine that mechanically agitates the parts in a hot or cold cleaning solution.


One Tough Workhorse – the standard AJA LIF has a load capacity of 2200 lbs. of parts, with optional load capacities up to 3800 lbs.

Three Agitation Stroke Lengths – selection of short, medium, and long strokes engineered to allow cleaning a variety of parts.

Powerful Cleaning Capabilities – rotation, particulate filtration, oil removal, ultrasonics, and high volume liquid sparging options are available to enhance the time-tested and proven platform agitation.

Thorough Cleaning – reaches difficult interior areas of parts by liquid sheer forces via vigorous agitation.

Electric Agitation Control – short, medium, and long strokes adjustable between 2″ – 44″ depending on model.

Available in Three Platform Sizes