Megasonic Cleaning using 1 MHz

Crest Ultrasonics, Inc.  Megasonic Sweeping offers balanced power distribution in a Megasonic cleaning tank. By sweeping the transducer array, each PZT is excited at its optimum resonant frequency, resulting in the perfect Megasonic cleaning process.

Generator Frequency: 1MHz
Generator Power: 300 watts average maximum power per module
350 watts line power consumption at 200/240 volts
Generator Size: 2,000-Watt Model: 17.5″ L-R x 16.0″ F-B x 9.25″ High
800-Watt Model: 9.25″ L-R x 16.0″ F-B x 9.25″ High
Misc. Features:
  • Full Digital operation with input/output monitoring/control from lighted  front panel or remotely via 25-Pin D-Sub connection to PLC controller
  • Automatic transducer center frequency tuning with automatic transducer center frequency tracking
  • Sweep width and rate both adjustable to optimize cleaning performance
  • DDS with Microprocessor controlled digital design
  • Digital operation from front panel or remotely via 25-Pin D-Sub connection with input/output monitoring/control of RF-on/off and power level
  • Monitoring and shut-down protection for over/under line voltage and current and over-temperature
  • RFI filter (in compliance with FCC regulations)
  • Three (3) Year Warranty on Generator Module
Generator Case: Case for Megasonic Sweeping Modules including Axial cooling fan, main power switch and cord
Power requirements:
200-240 volts 50/60 Hz, 1 phase 3.0 amps -OR- 3 X 400 VAC (3 Phase + N + E)